Noosa Arts Theatre Volunteer

Noosa Arts Theatre:

  • Strives to -
    • Be accessible for both patrons and those interested in the performing arts
    • Offer a variety of high quality, good value theatrical experiences to people of the Sunshine Coast and to tourists
    • Maintain and improve its theatrical venue so that it enhances the experience of patrons
    • To grow the number of volunteers in all aspects of running the theatre
    • To train and enhance theatrical skills and responsibilities in established and emerging artists, and future performing arts professionals
  • Is a valuable community meeting place.

Our members are invaluable. They contribute in many individual ways to the cultural life of Noosa. Join us and support the performing arts on the Sunshine Coast.

Volunteer and Help behind the Scenes!

Don’t like being in the limelight? Many people are required behind the scenes to stage a theatre production.

We have a small band of men who design, construct and paint the scenery, while others with creative skills make 'props' to be used during the productions. Learning about the lighting and sound equipment is an area which many men and women enjoy, and there is always room for women (or men) with costume designing and sewing skills. Front-of-house duties require the least commitment, but make a big impact on our patron's enjoyment. Qualified bar personnel are now required by the licencing laws, but again the commitment is small with a big impact. Box Office also requires volunteers to sell tickets before a production and during the run of a show (requires some comfort using a computer!).

Publicity is a major part of any organisation and even more so for a community group with limited resources, our publicity and marketing officer needs to be a team!

If you have some handy-man skills you may like to join a small team of men who build the sets for our productions. They work at the theatre each Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9am till noon and would be very pleased to have you come along and join them. If you would like any further information, call George Courtney on 5448 2388.

During the show we need people to help in the dressing rooms with make-up and hairstyling, sometimes dressers for cast members with quick changes, and always people to change scenery, pull curtains, and stage manage the shows.

Contact the theatre for more information, as all volunteers must be financial members to be covered by our insurance while on theatre business.