Cut-price Preview Thu 18/5 at 7.30pm, all tickets $25
Evenings Fri 19/5, Thu 25/5, Fri 26/5 at 7:30pm
Matinees Sat 20/5, Sun 21/5, Sat 27/5, Sun 28/5 at 2pm

$35 | Conc $30
Member/Grp $25 | U18 $25

One-act plays

WARNING – May contain coarse language and adult themes

And, in no particular order, the three plays are:

The Magpies by Paula-Mary Camilleri
Genre: Comedy
Directed by Jacqui Mata Luque
Helen lives by herself in a small wooden house. She has three magpies that visit her daily that she feeds. Since her daughter, Rebecca, moved out, Helen has decided to re-join the dating game.
The Magpies tells the story of Helen and her first dating experience, with a few injured birds, late night doritos and mint slice biscuits thrown in.

Astro Cafe by Paul Clarke
Genre: Drama / Comedy
Directed by Catherine Gamble
It’s late night at the Astro Café, and one of the townsfolk tells of a strange encounter he’s just experienced out on the mountain road. Could there be more to the event than it first seems? The past is about to collide with the present, changing everyone’s lives forever.

Love Over a Barrel by Rob Selzer
Genre: A Dark Comedy
Directed by Alison Venning

Billy, an ex-priest, now works as a contract killer. His strict moral code of never telling a lie is tested when he crosses paths with his latest target – the girlfriend of his boss. This new and exciting play revolves around the underworld of assassins and what transpires when love gets in the way of the bullets.

First, second and third prizes, as decided by the independent judges, will be revealed at the end of the final performance.