Noosa Arts Theatre Auditions


Director: Jane Rivers

Musical Director: Lincoln Scott

Thursday 2 March at 6:30pm

Friday 10, Saturday 11, Sunday 12
Call backs on Saturday 18 March

All ages are welcome from 15 yo upwards.

To book an audition, call Margaret Courtney on 0407 450 621

Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday afternoons commencing 25 April.

Note: There is a structured music rehearsal for Leads and Supports in May. Not all cast will be required at every rehearsal for this period. This schedule is available on request.


Gilbert and Sullivan’s most popular show, The Pirates of Penzance, is a rollicking, delightfully funny tale of a band of soft-tempered pirates. Mistakenly apprenticed to a pirate (instead of a pilot) by his nursemaid Ruth at the age of eight, the handsome Frederic is now twenty-one and, though quite fond of the group of joyous and fun-loving pirates, chooses to abandon his profession and “lead a blameless life henceforth,” dedicating himself instead to their eradication. Shortly after leaving them, he encounters a gaggle of beautiful maidens (one of whom, Mabel, steals his heart) and their father, the eccentric Major-General. The whole group has a run-in with the pirates themselves before escaping on the false premise that the Major-General is an orphan — a fact these tender-hearted pirates simply cannot help but take into account, given the fact that the majority of them are orphans themselves and “know what it’s like.” Just as Frederic is ready to lead a band of lily-livered policemen to take out the Pirate King and his men, a secret is uncovered that will change his fate forever, but, naturally, all comes out right in the end. Beloved since its premiere in 1879, The Pirates of Penzance (or The Slave of Duty) is a delightful farce of a classic that is fun for all ages.

Mabel                                 Female           Lead               Soprano
Frederic                             Male               Lead               Tenor
Ruth                                    Female           Lead               Mezzo-Soprano
Pirate King                         Male               Lead               Baritone
Major-General Stanley    Male               Lead               Baritone
Edith                                    Female           Supporting    Mezzo-Soprano
Kate                                     Female           Supporting    Mezzo-Soprano
Sergeant                             Male               Supporting    Bass
                                Male               Supporting    Baritone
Ensemble                            Male & Female                     Variety         


Below are the songs suggested for each role.  There is a link to the Backing Track for each song.  There is also a link to a version of the song with vocals to give you an idea of how it sounds with the music.
Click on the appropriate link to listen to the music. You should also be able to download it by clicking on the 3 dots next to the speaker symbol.

Mabel                                     8. Poor Wandering One 

Frederic                                 7. Oh, Is There Not One Maiden Breast

Ruth                                       2. When Frederic was a Little Lad

Pirate King                              3. Oh, Better Far to Live and Die

Major General Stanley            13. I am the Very Model of a Modern Major General
                                                   or some suitable piece of their choice.

Kate, Edith, Ladies chorus      5. Climbing Over Rocky Mountain
                                                    or some suitable piece of their choice.

Sergeant of Police               24. When a Felon’s Not Engaged in His Employment

Samuel, Men’s chorus tenors     26. With Cat-like Tread
                                                        or some suitable piece of their choice.

Men’s chorus basses          1. Pour, O Pour the Pirate Sherry 
                                               or some suitable piece of their choice.

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