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Noosa Arts Theatre policy is to have auditions for all parts for all productions.

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Sleeping Beauty

Information Session

Saturday 5th October at 1-3pm

Auditions by appointment on Friday 18th October, after 3pm or Saturday 19th October from 12.30pm

Contact: Susan Dearnley, Pantomime Director on 0413 147 300 or


The classic tale of Sleeping Beauty, with a doting royal Nanny, King and Queen, two comic villains all combining to make this comic retelling of the story. Poison Ivy the bad fairy is determined to stop Princess Aurora from becoming the next Queen as she wants to take over the province of Slumberland so she casts a wicked spell at the royal christening. But the 3 good fairies are there to adapt the spell which will put everyone to sleep, until the dashing prince arrives to save the day!


For ages from 6 to 70+

Nurse Penny Cillin, the royal midwife

Sniffles, the Palace Jester

Princess Aurora, Sleeping Beauty

King Basil, a kindly monarch

Queen Rosemary, a cautious monarch

Poison Ivy, a bad fairy

Duck, a comic villain

Dive, a comic villain

Fairy Rose, Fairy Violet, Fairy Daisy, the good fairies

Chambers, the royal chamberlain

Prince Rupert, the dashing hero (Act 2 only)

Mario, Prince Rupert’s valet (Act 2 only)

Chorus/Minor roles/Double ups

Royal Doctor, Peasants, ghosts, guards, servants, children, dancers etc

Rehearsals – End of October to December, timetable shown at information session


January 2020 – 4th, 11th, 18th at 11am and 2pm

January 2020 – 5th, 12th, 19th at 1pm and 4pm

Director: Susan Dearnley Production Secretary: Sherelle Scott