*Includes the awards presentations


One-act plays

May contain Coarse Language and Adult Themes

2020 Finalists

The plays are , in no particular order:

“Flight of Fancya romantic comedy by Robert Selzer

Two people are seated next to each other on an interstate flight – their minds or alter egos sit alongside, saying the sorts of things never uttered in polite conversation. The couple are initially attracted to each other until one of them discovers that the other took her sister to the cleaners in a divorce case and the other counters with an opinion that all romantic relationships are flawed and all lawyers do is clean up the mess. Their alter egos watch from the sidelines voicing their true thoughts and desires.

“Will Power” a comedy by Roger Gimblett

A young man is unexpectedly summoned interstate to hear ‘something to his advantage’. The family he meets is diametrically opposed to all his beliefs and seem bent on destroying each other, but after a surprising link is revealed, the visit becomes worthwhile and the fleeting meeting may just be a catalyst for change.

Look What the Cat Dragged In” a comedy-drama by Harry Kolotas

Helen has decided to leave Neil after twenty years of marriage – Neil is oblivious to any relationship problems and believes that a few strategically applied platitudes and a dollop of praise will fix everything. As they kick over the remains of their marriage various family members drop in, uninvited to add their mostly unhelpful contributions to the situation. It becomes clear that everyone wants a piece of Helen – she is the nurturing Sun around which they all orbit and tonight she is going to go supernova!