Preview: July 4 at 7:30pm – all tickets $27
Evenings: July 5, 11 & 12 at 7:30pm
Matinees: July 6, 7, 13 & 14 at 2:00pm

Adults $37 | Concessions $32 | Member/Group $27 | U18 $27

One-act plays

WARNING – May contain coarse language and adult themes

The 3 plays, in no particular order are:

Party Conversations by Sheree Ann Veysey
At a friend’s engagement party Abbie meets a young woman crying in the bathroom.  The conversation that results proves to be more than either of them anticipated.

The Tiniest of Things by Rob Selzer
Bill Markus is a popular professor in line for the Nobel Prize.  But his trip to Stockholm is put in jeopardy when he is called to account for an off-the-cuff offensive remark.  He sees no harm in it.  Jess Green, law student and staunch protector of human rights, thinks there is.

Magpies by Michael Olsen
A Comedy – After Uncle Gio’s funeral, his nieces, Rosa and Carmela, descend on his house in search of his “sacco”— his hidden stash of cash. Neither of them is in Uncle Gio’s will. Rosa and Carmela drag along their husbands, Colin and Derek. Will the two sisters find the money? Chaos ensues.