Pantomime – Old Mother Hubbard 2016


SATURDAYS at 11am and 2pm
January 2, 9, 16
SUNDAYS at 1pm and 4pm
January 3, 10, 17


All tickets $15




Old Mother Hubbard is the proprietor of the local orphanage and is struggling to keep it going. So when Squire Farquhar becomes her landlord courtesy of Demon Evil and threatens to evict her and her orphans, things are looking even bleaker than usual. And the only way out seems to be to allow her eldest orphan Polly, to marry the Squire.

Desperate to find the money to enable her to save the orphanage and prevent Polly from having to make a terrible choice, she eventually gets ready to leave the orphanage. But at the last minute Fairy Floss gets the Squire to see the light and he turns against the Demon, who is forced to admit defeat and leave town with Squirt. The orphanage is saved and in true panto style, Polly ends up marrying a handsome Prince instead.

A Pantomime by Limelight Scripts

Adapted by Susan Dearnley

Director Susan Dearnley

Musical Director Diana Thomson