Pirates of the Panto 2018

This panto follows fun and adventure on the high seas.

Zac Sparrow sunk the ship of Captain Spongebag Roundpants, the meanest nastiest pirate in the world and pinched his treasure map. Zac discovers that Spongebag has survived, he sets sail immediately for the Caribbean to find the treasure.

Spongebag acquires sailors Poop and Deck, and with this surviving crew Skull and Bones, they talk their way onto Zac’s ship. En-route they take over, throwing everyone overboard.

They all end up on the island of Discomania, ruled by Queen Chaka Khan. Zac’s party set off for the gold. Eventually they reach the Great Arch of Conscience; dance the sacred dance, strike a deal with the high Priest; acquire the gold and return to the native village to look for a way to get home before the pirates reach them!


Saturday at 11am and 2pm January 6, 13, 20

Sunday at 1pm and 4pm
January 7,14, 21


All tickets $15



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