The Pied Piper – 2023

21 September to 1 October 2023

Adults $35 | Conc $30
Member/Grp $25 | U18 $25

There is an unprecedented rat pandemic in Hamelin Town and Freddie, the animal loving Rat Catcher, hasn’t caught a rat in months. There seems to be no solution until Peter Piper arrives with his flute and the rats have vanished overnight; but the Mayor won’t pay him, there’s no money in the Treasury and the cook, Ms Burgerette Pofflecake, denies there ever was a pandemic.  “Have a do-nut and go home, Mr Piper!”

Hamelin is now under threat that the Piper will take his revenge and disappear with all the children.  This can’t happen!  With the help of the Von Rat Family Singers, Freddie and his girlfriend, Heidi, plan to bring peace and happiness back to Hamelin Town and this story, unlike Robert Browning’s legend, has a happy ending.

No children or rats are harmed during this production.